Hi, I'm Qarnita

I am Cape Town born and bred and still live here with my husband and children. My road to writing was not a straightforward one – being able to write a novel, and have it published – was certainly not something I thought I would ever be able to do. I was schooled during the years of apartheid South Africa and in the community I am from the holy grail of success was to be a lawyer, doctor or accountant.  I was lucky enough to study law at the University of Cape Town. 

Courtesy: Taryn Elliott (Pexels)
Image Courtesy of Taryn Elliott (Pexels)

Once I qualified, I worked as an attorney for more than a decade until my eldest son was born and he literally changed all my plans overnight! It’s no small truth to say that no one was more surprised than me. I worked freelance as a legal specialist and studied psychology, coaching executives in the corporate world until a short online creative writing course sparked something in me. Until then I had written pieces in my spare time for my own joy but had never considered myself capable of anything more. That one short writing course led me to another, longer one, and the outcome of that course was my first novel, Being Kari. I haven’t looked back.

Image Courtesy of Ichad Windhiagiri (Pexels)
Image Courtesy of Ichad Windhiagiri (Pexels)

To me, writing fiction represents freedom of mind and spirit. The ability to create and share my stories, with the hope that they bring as much joy to a reader as they do to me as a writer, is something that is profoundly meaningful to me. I like to write about people, relationships, friendship, parenting, identity, religion – all the ways we show up and find ourselves in the world. With plenty of lightness and laughs included, because life really shouldn’t be serious all the time! And that’s what it’s all about for me.

For the rest, I am keen to try all the things I once thought I couldn’t do. Thanks for coming to check out my site, hope you enjoy!

Qarnita Loxton

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