Not so Qwerky

IMG_4644I’m normally quite good at seeing the fun, finding a little bit of upside in the day. But this week has been something else and I can’t fake it. Two women I knew died suddenly. Just like that.  They weren’t in my family, though one was the mum of a friend who is like my family, and the other I saw more often than I do many in my family.  Each of them were absolutely remarkable women in their own unique way, so much so that even though I wasn’t in their closest circle, I feel the loss of them. I know it’s nothing even remotely close to the devastating heartache of loss that their families must feel. Today also marks the tenth anniversary of the death of an old lady I loved very much. In my family we remember her with smiles and laughs and love but the loss of her still weighs heavy. I know it always will.

So I can’t fake it. This week I don’t have a funny story or any other qwerky bit to make you smile. Just a little bit of real life where I am reminded, again, of the shockingly quick way that things can and do change.  I couldn’t find an upside. But I have a husband to kiss, children to hug, a new puppy to cuddle and whole slab of chocolate to eat. And they remind me of the strong sweet things in life that make it all worthwhile.

Rest in peace ladies, I’ll think of you often.



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  1. Grief is like the ocean,
    It comes in waves, ebbing and flowing.
    Sometimes the water is calm and sometimes it is overwhelming.
    All we can learn to do is Swim… (Vikki Harrison)
    So much love to you my darling friend.

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