Qwerky Bits on Father’s Day

IMG_3930You have a good Father’s Day? I did. I have a dad for myself and a dad for my kids, and that in itself is a magnificent fortune worth celebrating. I know some people get annoyed with the whole Father’s Day/Mother’s day thing, irritated by commercials saying when and how you should tell your parents that you care. I understand that. But I figure that being reminded to do it is maybe not the worst thing in the world. And surely you can decide for yourself if you want to fall for the Netflorist ad on the radio or not.

Anyway in my neck of the woods, I like to keep up Father’s Day. Show a little love, remind my kids how to show it too. We did a little breakfast at home, just us and the kids in varying stages of pyjamas, with enough food to last us through to supper time. As I set the table I found some paper placemats given to me by a friend ages ago. For fun (and also for distraction, useful with five kids sometimes), I put them under the plates, and as the food disappeared the answers appeared. Some were really funny, but this blog is qwerky bits of me so you’re stuck with my answers only …

  1. If you couldn’t watch TV or go online for a month how would you spend that time? Reading, writing, running, surfing, sewing, painting, baking, cooking, having people over.
  2. If you had R1000 to spend to help people how would you spend it. I would give it all to one person to choose to spend it in any way they want. How do I know what to buy that would help most?
  3. If you could be a famous person for a week who would you be and why? Hilary Clinton. Love her, hate her – I think she has balls. I’d love to know what goes through the mind of someone like that.
  4. If you could choose a new name for yourself what would it be. Nope, love my name. It’s a bit odd like me.
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world for a week where would it be. Paris, I fantasize about running the Paris Marathon.
  6. If you could have any superpower which would you choose. Surfing backline would be my chosen superpower right now! Otherwise if I could speak all languages or be able to play all musical instruments that would be the bomb.
  7. If you could be principal of a school for a week, what changes would you make. No homework.
  8. If you could trade places with someone you know, would you do it? Who would it be and why? Tina, my yoga teacher friend. She can make like a pretzel and look graceful at the same time.
  9. If the house was on fire and you only had five minutes to get out what would you take with you. Children, a credit card and a car. And a driver’s license. And an ID. And a phone. And my kids iPads and baby books. And anything else I can stuff into my bag if I have time after trying to find all the stuff I want.
  10. What is your favourite way to relax. Go for a little run on the beach. Or a long run depending on how much I need to relax!
  11. How can you tell someone you love them without using words? Cook them a meal, bake them a cake, give them a hug.
  12. Do you have any fears? How would your life be different if you overcame that fear? Fear that something bad will happen to my husband and my kids. I’d worry less and shout at the kids less when they are in the water!
  13. If you could eat just one food every day for a month and nothing else what would it be? Sushi
  14. If you had a crystal ball and could see your future in ten years, what would you want it to look like. I’d want all my loved ones happy and healthy and alive.
  15. If you could trade places with your parents for a day, how would you do things differently? I’d do nothing differently. Parenting is bloody hard, so I’d just let them be!

The last question was easier for the little kids than for the big kids – the big ones were ominously quiet (mostly!) but had the grace to laugh and just eat another muffin. All in all, Father’s Day was a good family day, with lots of fun and games and laughs and memories. I’m grateful for it, I know it’s not a luck to be taken lightly nor is it one that lasts forever. So what if it was Netflorist that reminded me to make a day of it?

Want to try your hand at any or all of these questions? Please do! I love hearing from you.

Have fun


PS. Spot anything dodgy on the paper napkin? Hint – bit of an eager sweet 16!

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