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I know, I know, not very highbrow of me; blogging about Brad and Angelina’s divorce news. Can’t help myself, it’s out there and I mean it’s Brad Pitt! Who would divorce Brad Pitt?! Just kidding, obviously Jennifer did and now Angelina will too. I do have a soft spot for Brad though, but only because when I started out with my husband I described him as Brad Clooney (see, it’s not just a soft spot for Brad and the Nespresso guy, it’s wayyyy deeper than that*). Okay, back on track. Brangelina. What do you think? I think Jen should snigger into her coffee a bit. But only a bit ‘cause her hair is still perfect, she got that hot French guy and her abs haven’t been annihilated by any children. She hasn’t come off too badly. But now I’m going to get to the most un-PC part of this post, so consider yourself warned.

How do you NOT get divorced when you have six children between the ages of fifteen and eight? Really. Think about it, six children with just seven years between youngest and oldest. That’s a lot of energy to spread around, a lot to worry about. Even with a team of nannies, imagine trying to keep six little persons happy. Add in working and keeping yourself sane, and how do you have a conversation with your partner that does not include something child related? Child related conversation being the stuff of romance, of course. Not. And if you are a woman that grew the babies – how do you go back to feeling normal in your body? There are bits that never recover and I’m not even talking about the bits in your brain. And then there are the Others. In the world of Brad and Angelina, there can’t be a shortage of Beautiful Others willing to rack up some fun notches on their belts. I’m also not so sure it’s only in the world of Brangelina, granted the people might not be as beautiful, but if you’re looking around or even just feeling a bit iffy there is always someone willing to give it a go. I reckon every single one of us, given the right / wrong set of circumstances, is capable of a bit of something on the side. What?! Do I hear you saying I’m cynical?

Maybe. I think I’m being Real. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the kids. Plenty people divorce when there are no kids. I’m saying that staying happily married is a bit*h all on its own, happily being the operative word. Add in six children, beautiful others, and possibly a bunch of iffy moments (and which marriage doesn’t have those) and it can hardly be a surprise that a Brangelina divorce is on the cards. But while my “Real”- ness kills the element of surprise, I do still feel sad for those celebs I will never know. The curse of the Romantic, which unfortunately is also me, is that I always hope for love to trump all. Now that bit of insanity is the real bit*h, I tell you! Kidding. Kidding… sort of!

Enough Brangelina. Have fun out there my friends in the computer..


*And yes, of course after nearly sixteen years I still think of my husband as Brad Clooney. Can’t catch me out that easily. And yes, we have five kids. I’m holding thumbs.


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