The week I forgot Monday

tuesdayBet you never thought it was possible for anyone to forget Monday. Right there at the start of the week, straight after Sunday blues, it’s the day all kinds of rude jokes are made about. How could anyone forget it? But this week it happened to me. And it was mucking afazing. I know, I know – that’s the Charly’s Bakery tagline, but it truly was an experience worth eating cake for. Though in all fairness it doesn’t really take much for me to eat cake. I’d eat some every time I looked for my car keys if I had half a chance.

Back to Monday. The one I forgot. Today’s one. Here’s how it happened. If, like me, you are one of the lucky / unlucky (hey, no judgement on which side you pick) with school age children then you will be in the middle of the school holidays. Also if, like me, you are one of the lucky / unlucky (again no judgement) to actually be on holidays with them then you will have none of that routine that tells you where to go and what to do. Or what day it is. Basically you have no idea of anything. Except mealtimes. Because the combination of kids and holidays makes food and mealtimes the most important thing – scratch that – the only important thing in the day. Everyone eats all the time.

Alright so maybe it’s just like that in my family. When we are on holiday we are either planning meals, shopping for food, cooking or actually eating. Let’s just say it’s not the best time to diet. And I realized that mealtimes are also the only way we figure out what day of the week it is. The conversation that brought it to a head went something like this.

Me: I made pancakes but there’s also some leftover sausage you can have if you want it for breakfast.

Child 1: When did we make the sausage?

Child 2: Wasn’t it yesterday?

Child 3: No, we had chicken wraps yesterday.

Me: I made it the morning after we braai’d.

Him: When did we braai?

Me: Not yesterday, it was the day before yesterday.

Child 1: We didn’t braai the day before yesterday. We had pasta the day before yesterday.

Me: Oh. What day is it today?

No one answered that.

Child 1: Boom! We had wraps last night, and pasta before that. Q made sausage and eggs for breakfast the morning after the braai. That was the day before yesterday. I’m sure. I’m definitely sure.

Child 2: Really?

Me: Well, anyway the sausage is fine. It’s definitely less than 3 days old ‘cause that’s when our holidays started.

Chilld 4 & 5 have ignored the entire conversation. They know that with seven of us it is wiser to just eat as many pancakes as you can before the others notice.

So counting backwards in meals got me to where we started. Which got me to where I am now, which is right at the end of Monday.

So close, it’s nearly Tuesday. Which means that I completely forgot about all my usual Monday madness which involves school runs and admin and the other stuff all the rude jokes are made of.  That was mucking afazing. Except it’s also Blog Monday on qwerky, which is not a random thing but chosen by me to make doing all the other stuff not so bad. I look forward to Blog Monday. Kind of like saying hallo to my friends without having to organize anything or anyone. Forgetting Blog Monday was not so mucking afazing, cause let’s face it – when you’re on school holidays with kids you definitely need to say hallo to your friends! Come on, don’t judge..

Have fun my friends, next week it’s back to the routine.


Charly’s Bakery– love their petit fours! Might have to get some for next Tuesday when we are in Post Holiday Denial.

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  1. Hahaha! Love this! Wish I forgot it was Monday, although Sunday (yesterday) was a great day so not too bad that it’s Monday… And it is Monday 😉

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