The 'Being' Series

Being Kari

For Kari du Toit, Valentine’s Day will  never be the same again. When the love of her life reveals he’s been  unfaithful to her, life,  romance, and everything in-between come crashing down.

Being Lily

Lily is making sure her wedding to Owen will be perfect. For one thing, she is seating Owen’s dad from the Cape Flats far from her snobbish parents who keep insinuating that Owen is not good enough for her.

Being Shelly

Shelley Jacobsen thought returning to the working world would provide some excitement but the coffee and décor shop that she opened with her friend Di is proving to be just another gilded cage.

Being Dianne

Her post-divorce romances have stalled. Andile, her lover turned friend, and Faye, her secret Tinder date turned sometimes lover. Both Andile and Faye want more, but Di is not sure what she wants.


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Chasing Marian

Four strangers, two cities, one chance online meeting. What could these four strangers possibly have in common?

Other Work

Die Meisie met die Uitroep-tekens in Haar OË

In die 28 verhale in hierdie lekkerleesbundel vir tieners bied ʼn verskeidenheid skrywers ʼn blik op daardie oomblik wanneer twee mense mekaar die eerste keer ontmoet.

Going Wild and Other Stories

Going Wild and Short Stories comprises enthralling illustrated content curated to captivate readers as they explore and master the use of English as a Home Language in Grades 4–6.
Being Kari - Audio Excerpt
Read by: Donna Cormack-Thompson
Being Lily - Audio Excerpt
Read by: Donna Cormack-Thompson
Being Shelley - Audio Excerpt
Read by: Donna Cormack-Thompson
Being Dianne - Audio Excerpt
Read by: Donna Cormack-Thompson